Wednesday, May 13, 2020

There is a strong possibility that JFK is still alive TODAY! 

It was the Galactic Federation who talked with JFK Sr. a few days before his alleged assassination in Texas of what will happen to him during his trip to the state of Texas.  Instead of him becoming a victim they gave him a chance to escape it by replacing him with a CLONE.  The clone was the one that died that day of the assassination while JFK Sr. was guarded and protected for a time until it was safe to bring him back to Earth but as an undercover and civilian observer.  

This means there is a great coordination with the Pleiadians, JFK Sr. and his son JFK Jr.  The Pleiadians have TIME Travel capabilities as all of their spaceships can visit the future and the past, but only for a short period of time.  This is also the same scenario with JFK Jr. when they found out that there was a plot to kill him they made some preparations to fake his death by escaping the plane while rescuers were standing by to assist him.  Both the scenarios of what happened with the father and son were achieved in order to make the cabal think that they killed them both.  And thereby escaping their attention and able to plan ahead of time to defeat the cabal.  And this is done with the help of the Pleiadians.  With the assistance of the Pleiadians it made possible for Trump to easily defeat the Deepstate/Cabal.  They were also able to warn him of the future as a precaution which enables him to escape the assassination attempts (fifteen times) made by the Cabal.  All these were made possible by the Pleiadians.  

The Pleiadians along with the Galactic Federation met with JFK Sr.  during the tenure of his administration and discussed Galactic Disclosure.  But the Cabal tried to stop them.  And so they allowed time to pass by and record all actions of the cabal including all their criminalities while studying them as a whole in how they conduct themselves as a criminal organization and plan ahead of time to finally defeat the cabal for good and have them all  arrested.