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Epsteinova celica

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Here are my thoughts on Epsteins death.... he is not dead.... he is in Gitmo... this is being reported in the media for one reason...

Q has just turned the light on Epstein...... the microscope is on him..... they released a very small amount of the Epstein files and it received no news coverage....

Now that he is dead the news is all over it.... the light has been cast on him.... we will see the more important documents be released shortly and mainstream media will have no choice but to report it... society will no longer be able to be shielded from the truth.

We need to keep up the hard work and continue to spread the news... I feel the awakening growing.... it has life... we have already won the war.

This is all a show!!! Its scripted. We have front row seats to watch the world learn the truth. Trust the plan. They are doing this exactly as they need to, so that the masses have as little negative impact as possible.

Its beautiful.... they are effectively destroying the cabal with very little harm to the population. Just a few years ago I truly believed that we were headed to civil war and or world war...

They are saving humanity and taking us to world of peace, love and abundance. This is truly the most amazing time in history, which books will be written about . We are part of this history. We have manifested this outcome.

It is important that we keep our spirits high and spread love through our communities.... spend time with our loved ones and when the time comes remain calm and be the source of comfort for those that are asleep.

We are love and we are light. Wwwg1wga!!! Congratulations!!!! Victory is ours!

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