Which spraying speed is the best for optimal deposit on plants?

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1.    Why should I use anti-drift nozzles, if they had the same results as normal nozzles did?

Answer: It is true, that there wasn’t too much difference between anti-drift nozzle and normal (ATR) nozzle. But, with use of anti-drift nozzles at the edges of cultivation, there will be less drift, more chemical will reach the right spots, the “spray cloud” will be less seen, this means less stress with neighbours- and nevertheless, you will meet the legal regulations.


2.   Why should I spray with higher speed, if the results in some points were worse than at lower speed?

It is important to know, that the test was carried out with parameters for usual work, which were not amended for test spraying with higher speed. The only thing that we changed was the use of nozzles, at higher speed we changed from ATR yellow to ATR orange, so that the consumption per hectare stayed the same. But nevertheless with same parameters we got very good results. If we would increase the turns of the PTO shaft from 300 (optimal turns for low spraying speed) to 350 or 380 for work with 9 km/h, the results would be better than at lower speed. To sum up the arguments for increased driving speed are economic (shorter spraying time) and also quality- better deposit on plants – at optimized air stream setting.

3.   Which method is better for execution of this experiment?

For execution of this experiment it is useful to carry out both methods. The first method (Deposit of spraying agent Quality Analysis with coloured tracker), returned us information, which spot had most of chemical agent, or how did the quantity of spraying chemical agent change with changes in spraying speed. Second method (The method for determining the quality of deposit using water-sensitive papers (WSP)), showed us if the application of spraying agent was the same in all spots or did one spot differ from others. To sum up only the comparison between both methods gives us concrete information about the quality of spraying.

4.     What was the main reason for this experiment?

Many fruit farmers state that the best deposit is achieved with lower driving speeds. The majority of fruit farmers (lots in Austria and in Germany) spray with driving speeds up to 12 km/h. Why they can do it? Why apparently it isn’t working in Slovenia? Their yield isn’t of lower quality than ours. But they have more free time, or in the same time they can spray additional hectare or even more. The purpose of the experiment is to show everybody that easily many things in spraying can be made other way with same or better results. If this results in more free time and less cost, then this is especially cool.

5.     What is the point of this experiment?

The point of this experiment is to show that with higher speed we can achieve the same or better deposit on plants. Furthermore, the point is to show, that it would be smart to listen and carry out this, wherever it is safe and possible. To sum up, to show that it was worthwhile to read this articles and see that it works.

Zupan Sprayers wish You nice weekend.

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Which spraying speed is the best for optimal deposit on plants?
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