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Valentin Rozman Objavljeno: 2014-01-30 09:31

Evidence of the effectiveness of the Desteni I Process here for your indulgence. Support people like you would like to be supported if you dare to become part of the Future of the Human Race in changing the world as yourself into a world that supports all life in ways that is best for all in a trustworthy way. You have it in you to be the Answer to Your Life. Read how people Just Like You did it For themselves to Motivate you to Realize yourself as Life. Freedom Blogs Volume 1 is the first volume within the ‘Blog-Book’ series. The ‘Blog-Book’ series contains examples of practical living written by Destonians. It is a hand-in-hand walk through the process of Self-Change. While reading, you will have a glimpse of how someone walking the Desteni Process, assists and supports self through living Self-Forgiveness and Self-Honesty, to change self to walk in principles that are best for all living beings. You will find practical examples in facing self as the mind, through self-introspec

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