Pogumni evropski poslanci so imeli prvo tiskovno konferenco leta 2022 [VIDEO]

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Italijanska evropska poslanka Francesca Donato je prva dobila besedo v tem videu, ki ga je predstavil znani evropski poslanec, Romun Cristian Terhes. Njena angleščina ni slaba, vendar je tu element 'izgubljen v prevodu'. S spodnjimi opombami smo se potrudili po svojih najboljših močeh; priporočamo, da jo poslušate neposredno, ko razlaga zmešnjavo, ki se dogaja v Italiji na toliko frontah. Poziva k posredovanju EU pri obnovi temeljnih pravic ljudi. Cristian Terhes in Ivan Sinčič imata tudi prepričljive govore.

  • MEP Francesca Donato (re. Italy): Here is what the MSM is not telling us. In Italy there is a true health service collapse. We’re witnessing an increase in hospitalizations. There are rows of ambulances outside of hospitals yet people are being left in their homes without the medical attention they need, and only get taken to the hospital when their condition is too advanced to be helped. Meanwhile, hospitals are crowded with Covid cases while patients with other health problems are left untreated.
  • There is a false narrative going on, with false figures about who is vaccinated and who is not, how many are hospitalized and the number of dead. Draghi recently gave a press conference in which he revealed numbers that have been shown to be false by independent media outlets. Further, the govt is leading a hate campaign against the unvaccinated which is fuelling social division that could lead to civil war and which could spread to other member states. The health measures introduced by the govt have not been effective. Covid certificates have increased infections by giving a false sense of security among the vaccinated. The figures have increased dramatically. The govt in response to that continues to violate people’s fundamental rights, preventing non-vaccinated people from exercising their right to work, to move around, etc. These rights must be secured for everybody. Some people are leaving Italy to avoid this. The minority of non-vaccinated (ER: 10%? She estimates 90% are VAXXED and she may have reliable figures, but we highly doubt this estimate) are being persecuted for political reasons. How can the EU institutions continue to be indifferent to this? No European govt can be exempted from the rule of law. The EU Council should intervene immediately, even against Mario Draghi. The perception of this man in Italy is that he can do whatever he likes for whatever ends.
  • My questions are one the people are asking: why are so many people being hospitalized and dying when so many Italians are vaccinated? Why has the Italian health institute not been publishing monthly reports since September 2021? Why have vaccine-injured people not received any help from Italy’s public health department? Why have people who’ve lost family members as a result of the vaccines not received compensation? (she shows us a letter from a member of the public claiming compensation; this claim was rejected for the reason that the ‘vaccines are not mandatory’!!) The vaccines ARE MANDATORY precisely because of the government mandates, preventing people from working to earn their living if they don’t obey. And there is no enquiry or investigation as to the ingredients in the vaccines. Japan has found contaminated batches; strange ingredients have been found in other vaccines (ER: is she referring to graphene oxide?) There is currently no investigation in the EU as to possible contamination of batches of certain vaccines. So we are asking for transparency on this issue. Public health must be defended by the EU institutions. Let’s help the Italian people have proportionate and respectful measures.
  • MEP Ivan Sincic (Croatia): This is the 3rd year of the Covid crisis. In the last few weeks and months, we have seen a failure of public health measures across the EU and the world. In the last few weeks we’ve heard statements by EMA, WHO and the CEO of Pfizer (Bourla) that are game-changing. Bourla has said that their vaccines provide limited if any protection against Omicron. The WHO has said this problem can’t be solved by boosters, that a super, one-shot vaccine should be invented (which they promised 2 years ago); and that Covid should be considered like a common flu. These taken together, along with all the protests in a great many EU countries … it’s also happening in Croatia. The govt is not allowing doctors to treat their patients. Clearly EU governments, in view of what is happening, do not have the solutions to this problem. There is a growing network of doctors around the world who have effective treatment protocols, who can help and who are being censored. Today doctors in Crotia are protesting about that. He appeals to protestors from various countries (France, Germany, Netherlands, etc.) to come to Brussels on January 23rd, the heart of the EU where the digital green certificate and the discrimination against people started, where there is censorship of science and medicine – this has to end. Let’s send a clear message – enough of false policies, discrimination, censorship and bad policy. We need an open debate, defending human rights.
  • MEP Cristian Terhes: ‘(paraphrase) we stand by people who want fundamental freedoms and democracy. We will sanction all those responsible for violence and oppression. Govt authorities are responding with violence and this cannot be accepted.’ I just read a statement that is not ours; it is a statement by Ursula von der Leyen on August 19, 2020 after the protests in Belarus were answered by the govt with violence. Why is she silent right now when people all across Europe are taking to the streets asking for their basic rights to be respected? Why are innocent and peaceful Europeans being beaten by police … I was at protests in Brussels in December: the police answered with violence yet they were not provoked. On Jan 2 in Amsterdam I couldn’t believe that in western Europe, a police department, a government could treat their people like this. (He shows an image of the violence.) They weren’t asking for higher salaries or pensions or new elections – the only thing they were asking for was to have their basic human rights respected by their own government, which has not happened. Another thing that shocked me was that the veterans of the Dutch army – they came and created a line of defense between the police and the bystanders. If you check the images, the ones who got beaten first were the veterans. I’m not a citizen of that country but I have to thank them for their service. This should be an answer that their own govt should give them. They have risked their lives for the wellbeing of their citizens – they’ve all done it in NATO operations. And they did it on January 2. I saw what happened in Roumania in 1989 in the fight against Communism. We demanded liberty, freedom. Always the West looked at the East, its Communism, as an evil empire. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we imagined that these great western values would prevail, and LOOK WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW. We live in a world that you could easily call IRON FIST. This is what the EU has become. People cannot protest anymore because they’ll be brutally attacked. Their basic rights have been stripped away by their own govts. Where are we? What is the direction we will allow the EU to take? Under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen, the EU has transitioned from democracy to tyranny. When you know everything about your govt, that is democracy. When the govt knows everything about you, that’s tyranny. Because TRANSPARENCY is one of the key elements that makes the difference between democracy and tyranny. But respect for fundamental rights is another key difference. These were destroyed, turned into privileges by the govt in communist regimes. In the West, we put these values in treaties, constitutions and conventions, that every person has a unique dignity that must be respected by the government. Liberty and freedom are not rights granted by the government: they are NATURAL RIGHTS that governments must protect. And look where we are. Macron has called people non-citizens who aren’t vaccinated. These are people WITHOUT RIGHTS. In Italy, on certain islands, people can’t travel off them if they aren’t vaccinated. They are effectively imprisoned. That’s why we must thank all the protestors across the EU for their efforts. But we shouldn’t have to be doing this.
  • January 23: there will be a huge protest in Brussels to demand what we are asking for – freedom, democracy and liberty. On January 22 there is a protest in Stockholm. The solution to what is happening in Europe is simple: in civic terms, we have to demand from these tyrannical govts that our rights are restored; politically, we need people to wake up and never again vote for any candidate or party which supported these abusive measures that are happening in Europe.

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