Študija potrjuje neposredno povezavo med omrežji 5G in izbruhi 'koronavirusa'

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Končno se je pojavila prva študija v zvezi z zelo jasnim razmerjem med izbruhi "koronavirusa" in prisotnostjo omrežij 5G. 

Study of the correlation between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks

Author: Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre1
Available at www.tomeulamo.com/fitxers/264_CORONA-5G-d.pdf

Translated from the Spanish by Claire Edwards

Date: March-April 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects in early 2020 have surprised scientists and politicians. If any study aimed at understanding the phenomenon and which consequently may help to clarify the causes of the pandemic is carried out, it should be promoted and/or taken into consideration. The correlation between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks has been addressed in alternative media and social networks. It is noteworthy that, at least in Spain, the media have not covered the scientific studies on the subject of 5G, nor asked the government any questions about this in the daily press conferences that it conducts to report on the state of the situation. The team of scientists advising the Spanish government has also failed to raise this issue.
It is common sense that the ability to demonstrate this correlation would be very important data to contribute to the understanding of, and the solution to, the problem.


To assess whether a correlation exists between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks. Without entering for the moment into subsequent cause-effect approaches in the case of positive results. Given that there is a sufficiently large statistical sample, it is possible for the results obtained to have a high level of reliability.

Material and methods

The study has benefited from the official statistical material published daily, which is a basic and valuable tool. It should be noted that in these publications, the methodology used for counting cases of coronavirus infections does not generally provide real data. In Spain and many other countries, it has not been calculated as there are not enough tests for such analyses. However, this does not alter the results of this study since it is based on the comparative rather than the absolute method of infection. Therefore, in order to avoid statistical error, we will compare the density value of confirmed cases of coronavirus (expressed in number of cases per 1000 inhabitants) instead of absolute values. Since the criterion for counting used by the health authorities within the same state or city is the same, the comparison of published values for different cities or regions will be equally reliable for statistics. Comparisons between different countries of confirmed cases, excluding asymptomatic cases, will be equally reliable. The possible exception of some non-transparent country that could manipulate the publication of its data is beyond the control of this study.
The method used was to compare the incidence (no. of cases per 1000 inhabitants) between countries with and without 5G technology. Between regions of the same country with and without 5G technology. Between cities of the same state with and without 5G technology. Between different neighbourhoods of the same city with the 5G network map of that city. Comparing states with common borders with and without 5G technology. Comparing the case of one state within another, as is the case of San Marino.
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