The secret to recreating your SP.
You have to see your desires as their truest self. You’re not changing them from bad to good. He is already good and you are choosing to acknowledge that.
When he does something “bad”. Instead of thinking oh no I have to affirm. You think I know that he’s good and makes good choices so there must be a good reason for this etc
If he says he doesn’t love you. Instead of thinking he doesn’t love me and I have to change him. You think I know that he loves me very much so he must be having a bad day.
Your affirmations need to be your baseline of what you judge things from instead of the 3D being the truth and then affirming to change it.
I’m hoping this makes someone feel better because it definitely helped me.
We have to remember that there are infinite realities. The reality we are experiencing is just a state of consciousness. So whenever you see something you don’t like, remind yourself that it is NOT real. It doesn’t exist. It is just the reality you are experiencing through your mind but it doesn’t mean it’s real. There are so many realities out there so just because you may be experiencing one you are not happy with, it isn’t permanent, and you can always change to a different reality.
SP with someone else?
Who cares? It’s just the reality you are living in. It’s not real.
There’s a reality out there right NOW where you are together. I promise. You just need to get yourself into that reality.