Grand rising Sunflowers
The next 100 days will be a very magnifying time period. Relationship drama, misunderstanding, confusion, distorted filled choices will increase, misleading signals/syncronicities, deception and great turbulence will all take center stage. All forcing the individual and collective density to surface and be dealt with. For some this will force a 180 degree turn in the life experience. Mortals are easily misled. Misled by limited mentality and lack of true connection within.
The mass majority, especially those with some awareness, live by mental "feeling". The mind can not feel...however it can produce artificial emotions and emotional feeling convincing one to Believe they are feeling. These next 100 days will provide opportunity to verily see yourself, hear yourself, and reveal all that you are. It's known as your shadow self.
All deny the shadow and shadowy dark unseen nature of themselves. Pretend they are above it creating from distorted light, distorted limited understanding and misguided information. All from lack of connection to the light source through the heart.
Choices that have been made, made manifest showing what each keep choosing to create.
Intensity will continue to increase as we go further into the density of the world soul. In this, all will be more exposed and revealed where responsibility and accountability is not being taken. It will also reveal and expose to each and all, what "light" they are living and embodying. Distorted light or purity transparent Lovelight.
As Gaia turns up the heat and increases the fire ..... who will incinerate themself and who will verily purify and empty themself?
The answer will verily be witnessed.
If you think it's been intense, you've not seen nothing yet!
(Linda Good McGillis)