Sammy’s Mermaid Gang
Back in 2010 when I was in highschool I had a crush on this guy.. we were friends and back then I thought he didn't see me as I saw him... I thought it was just a crush but years later I found out I was actually inlove with him. Anyways we parted ways in 2012 and never saw/communicated with each other till 2 days ago.. about a week ago I was wondering (after my other soulmate died last July).. wouldn't it be wonderful if I was to marry J and then asked for a sign if I was going to marry him and left it at that..
So 2 days I was dining at a certain restaurant and this lady next table got sick, And I just felt the need to help and accompany her to a nearby dispensary, so I asked her to give me contacts so I can communicate with her family... Guess who turned to be this lady's son... My special fucking person, he was so surprised and excited to see me, we talked and shared so many stories he thanked me for helping his mother and now we are in contact again.. Mind you we haven't seen or talked to each other in almost 10 years... so it turns out I helped my mother inlaw
I can not contain my happiness ladies and gents! Talking about the sign I asked for! Now I wouldn't care if he has a girlfriend or engaged.. I am marrying my Julius
This is why they say circumstances DON'T fucking mater
(This is my first post here so hi everyone nice to meet you!!)
So long story short I've been wanting a new pair of tights for a long time since the ones I have are starting to break, but the ones I wanted haven't been available in store for the past month. I went to look again yesterday and they still didn't have my size, but as I left the store I thought to myself "well I guess I'll just manifest them instead"! I said a few affirmations ("I love my new merino-wool tights, they fit me perfectly!") and briefly imagining myself wearing them and feeling how well they fit, and then I totally forgot about it.
WELL as I woke up today and reached for my old, worn tights I noticed "hmm? They look awfully straight to just have been sitting in my closet for the last week? Wouldn't it be so funny if a new pair of tights just randomly materialized in my closet? Lol no way."
Guys. There are no holes. No stretching. Not a single flaw. These are brand new tights that fit me perfectly. AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY GOT THERE.
I'm writing this just as it happened because I wanted to tell you all so bad AND I STILL CAN'T WRAP MY HEAD AROUND IT. WE SERIOUSLY ARE SO POWERFUL!!!!
Much love from a mind-blown and very happy gal!
You are God.
If you want something,you don't need anybody else to say 'YES'. Whatever you desire,it's already done. It's already yours.
You are the only cause. You don't have to ask for permission & NO ONE is gonna tell you 'no'.
You can trust your desire. It's already done.
It wants you too. It's coming to you.
No one can take it from you.
Nothing will obstruct it.
Everything is happening perfectly.
Your subconscious is unfolding everything perfectly.
Nothing can go wrong. Nothing is wrong.
There's nothing else to do. It's already yours.
What you want,wants you!
Physical Appearance Manifestation SUCCESS!!!
I am SOBBING happy tears right now!!! So, I was born cross-eyed and had a lazy eye my whole life. When I was 4 we went to a specialist in Seattle and they told me they couldn't fix it and that I'd just have to wear a patch. As if looking like Pete the Pirate wasn't bad enough, I had zero depth perception and would run into walls because I saw double and couldn't tell which one was the real one.
I worked to ignore it, the mean comments, and the difficulty learning to read while seeing double. My whole life I'd found myself turning my body to only look at people from a certain angle and all my pictures were always taken of one side.
I've been affirming for only 2 weeks and also did a revision meditation the other night and IT'S GONE!!! I keep recording video of myself to double check. Even when I've been exhausted, which is when it had shown up the worst it doesn't.
This stuff works! It really works! I mean, I knew it did because I've been consciously manifesting for the last 5 years or so. But this was my first time ever manifesting a physical change. I've also been affirming that I have a gorgeous flat stomach and it is just shrinking!!!
I got the idea from someone posting pictures of their physical appearance manifestation results. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please keep sharing your success stories!!!
Guys I just couldn't resist to write my success story here. So I'm writing right now :
So yesterday ( Sunday) I was writing on my notepad that the next week gonna be the best week ever. It's gonna be a magical day etc. And then today I have more than 10 success stories to tell. Yes you heard it right. All I did was doing self concept, affirming ( both with feeling and without feeling ) , a little bit of visualisation here and there ( 144 p visualisation not more than 2 sec) .
1. When I was going to college I manifested bus and vacant seat on the spot.
2. I needed a signature from my principal and I got it easily
3. I needed to make a library license to borrow book and it usually take 2-3 days but nope I wanted it today as I was already late . So I just affirmed ( blanket affirmation) like I'm getting everything today. All my work will be done etc. And you know what I got the license instantly.
Then I asked the librarian the books I wanted ( these are our syllabus book) . We get to borrow 2 books . Since I was late most of the students got their books before me so the stock was probably not available. The librarian told me that I might not get the books I wanted but I kept affirming. I told myself who I am. That I'm the main character of my story. I visualise with open eyes that I got my books. Affirmed mindless and guess what after some time she gave me the books I wanted. Yeah bitches get shit done.
4. I attracted a lot of friends in college today on the spot. Even a old friend whom I didn't talk for more than a year contacted me just few minutes ago. I didn't even affirmed for her. I think it's because I was affirming in the morning that I attract friends. Old friends are coming back to my life etc.
5. A certain chewing gum that I wanted to eat. A friend gave me the exact thing. (small but cute manifestation)
6. I manifested compliments today. EIYPO is real guys.
7. While coming back the vehicle was fully occupied . So all I did was affirming that I attract happiness and positivity (it's my new favorite blanket affirmation) . I just visualize vacant seat. Affirmed that it's vacant and guess what after some time it was vacant like the passengers got their stoppage. It's a big thing because it's not usual.
8. I got the exact sweet I wanted. My father's friend got it for us. It's an instant manifestation. On the spot.
9. My health. I cured headache. I actually do it all the time. I manifested my mom's health too.
10. My so messages me whenever I want. Like I say I'm gonna receive a message and boom there it is. It's crazy. Whenever I decide something I get it.
Guys I'm working on my self concept currently ( from 2-3days ) and that's why I'm seeing instant results. I manifested money too. Like I manifest all the time. Like I manifest 24×7 . Crazy manifestations. It's like my second nature now. All you have to do is doing what you think works for you. Work on your mindset. Love ya!
One of my biggest struggles has been seeing the 3D as an illusion but then I started to think about it more. 2 different examples popped into my head.
First, think of yourself. Everything that makes you who you are, your thoughts, your experiences and your perception of the world, is your brain. You are your brain. Not anything that’s physical. If we didn’t have our brains we’d just be a body, a shell. This goes to show that everything else in the 3D is the same. WE CHOOSE how we see it.
Second, think of reading a book. Or if you don’t read, think about when someone tells you a story. 10 people can all read the same book, and all 10 of them would have a different mental image, perception of the characters and impression of the story. The same words would still be a vastly different story from each person.
That’s why remembering that the 3D is only an illusion is important! You get to choose how you interpret the “story” and you make it what you want! Keep writing your story everyone! You are the author and what you say goes!