Money Success Story!
My friend manifested $17,000 dollars in 9 days.
Things she did :
- She laid down the complete list of things she’s heard people tell her about money. (Eg: It’s hard to make money, stick to your job else you’ll struggle for money or don’t spend on this/that etc)
She just made one blanket affirmation to repeat in her mind if anyone were to express their limiting beliefs about money or to loop in general.
- She wrote down her personal limiting beliefs about money. ( Eg: I wish I could buy that but it’s so expensive/ I don’t have the Money or money always slips out of my hand fast etc )
She made two affirmations to overcome all of her personal resistance.
-Finally she laid out a detailed plan to be rich and broke it down into steps.
She made one affirmation for the 1st step.
The first step was the money needed to invest in the business. She wanted $12,000! She manifested that and $5,000 extra.
A little back story: I introduced this friend of mine to Sammy and Law of Assumption so that she could manifest her SP and she did. But then few days ago she asked me why people didn’t use this to make money. She did have a point but I tried telling her probably most of the billionaires and millionaires today applied this to be where they are right now. She then asked me if quite a few people know about this then why aren’t those who are aware using this to have financial freedom to live their life’s the way they want to. I didn’t know what to tell her. But she did have a point. Why aren’t people using this to be successful in their own lives? It doesn’t have to always be about wealth but you could manifest being the best singer or you being a world renowned artist basically anything. It honestly makes me wonder why I’m so hooked onto my SP.