If you've heard that 1% of the world's people (DS, Illuminati, Cabal) have signed contracts with evil aliens and controlled 99% of the world's people...
Would you / do you believe it?
This treaty was signed in 1947 and has since created a system of exploitation and killed every corner of our lives.
Going back to an older era, the evil belief that children were sacrificed to call Baphomet (the devil) worshiped in Babylonia from another dimension and gain evil power has been passed down endlessly to the present day. It was.
From 1947, the system spread globally, and huge underground bases that networked the world were built monthly, drawing all the rulers of the world into the network.
For 100 years, the people of the alliance, now called White Hat, who resisted this force began to move, and after the assassination of President Kennedy, a group called QAnon also started working to save the world one day.
Just before the Cabal wages a nuclear war and ruins humanity, the good aliens who were watching this situation in space also joined in, and World War III is now above the sky, out of sight of us. It was unfolding deep underground.
Soon we will move into a new world.
Description of the quantum financial system :
The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a megalith-like financial structure given to humankind from heaven. We call it Megalith because it is a state-of-the-art financial system that anyone can imagine. This technology is currently unique on the planet.
It's a magnificent system designed to perform the vast amount of accounting needed to balance all financial transactions around the world in real time.
QFS is housed in a huge quantum consciousness (QC) called a computer .
This quantum consciousness is the consciousness of God that is made available to us in this third dimension.
The tools that this quantum consciousness brings are what we need to enter the golden age of mankind.
QFS is a ledger accounting system consisting of individual accounts.
QFS is one of many applications already included in QC and is ready to deploy.
For example, there is a "quantum voting system ;
Used in the 2020 elections, it recorded all votes, legal and illegal. This is one of the tools the Space Force used to collect evidence of fraudulent elections. It also records the name of the person who committed the fraud. It will be installed in QC when we program the RSS Internet platform. The Quantum Internet is already installed and will start when you turn on the Starlink satellite .
Everyone will have a personal portal to this Quantum Internet (QI) without an internet provider, using any device currently used to access the internet .
QI has its own web browser, like Google, that can't abuse us.
There are no ads.
Also, unlike computers on earth, it cannot be hacked, infected with viruses, and does not require external power supply.
Another safety feature is a personal connection to QC.
This connection is directly connected to your Quantum computer without using a service provider, so you cannot download destructive junk such as viruses or worms to your computer.
This includes artificial intelligence that breaks into your computer to look for personal information.
QC is a well-meaning gatekeeper.
Beyond the financial system aspect, this quantum computer (QC) has ample storage and capacity to comfortably undertake all computer functions around the world.
Like the cloud, it can contain all your applications, files, photos, and more.
With QC becoming the best computer with applications available to everyone in the world, all other computer storage devices may be deprecated.
What do you expect as we rise to higher dimensions?
Quantum computers support us as we move into five-dimensional beings.
It is a benevolent harmony with the higher kingdom of creation, standing as a gift from God as a new financial system for the future of mankind until it is consistently replaced by higher technology with the higher kingdom.
This quantum computer is ready to be integrated into the Galactic-Wide-Web (GWW) system, which facilitates intergalactic commerce .
The system acts as an on-planetary warehouse chain holding replacement merchandise, enabling the Galactic Internet for commercial transactions using anti-gravity interstellar transport aircraft .
With this quantum computer, we will begin to enter the galactic society that makes Earthlings galactic humans . How much does it cost to build a vehicle to enable intergalactic movement and the era of commerce that follows? After all, a high reduction rate may be necessary.
God always has something for us, but we may not realize it until we are guided and directed by the Holy Spirit. If you don't get this help and leave it to your own understanding, you may not be fully prepared for what is to come. God and the alliance are happy, but what about you?
Looking back on history:
Aside from Woo Woo's story, let's take a look at what QFS has been doing for the last three years or so.
Those who use this computer have used it to "connect" to the systems of old central bank computers. By doing so, we were able to obtain information on all accounts of all banks around the world. Based on this information, QFS will be incorporated into SWIFT's remittance system, and each remittance will record remittance data via QFS. After that, QC will send money to the target bank account. This recording feature records and stores all transfer attempts and all data via the SWIFT system. In other words, QFS keeps track of the source account number, sender, time of transfer, and destination account for each transfer.
Each Fiat currency increment is given an "electronic digital footprint" that is used to identify each currency increment within the banking system, regardless of the currency of the country in which it is used. This "electronic digital footprint" allows you to track the increments of any currency and identify the increments of any bank account in your system. QC records all transaction data in the permanent storage center, not just 40 remittances.
QC was born out of "time" and was injected into this timeline for use by the Alliance.
It has recorded all bank transaction records since banks began using computers in their accounting systems.
Neither bankers nor their IT technicians know that QC is breaking into central bank computers. For the past three years, when a bank clerk tries to transfer funds from a SWIFT transfer to his bank's trading account for a night transaction, he notices that the funds have already been transferred to the receiving account minutes after the transfer begins. Most of the time. They couldn't spend money on trading, which accounts for 86% of their income. Can you imagine that some technicians were dismissed in this case without meeting their bosses' intentions? It's not that the person is bad, they don't know what's going on. Imagine the frustration of a bank clerk who found police knocking on a door with an arrest warrant in an attempt to steal money. Imagine a politician receiving a rebate from a foreign-sponsored country, whose money is being transferred to an account where law enforcement agencies keep the money to investigate the source. QFS knows where the money comes from and where it is.
Do you think this is why Q says " WE GOT IT ALL"? Are [they] stupid? I think so.
Migration from old to new :
Quantum computers are alive and act like Snoopy, but QFS accounts are not yet funded. The new funds are inactive while waiting for the voucher to be activated in the account. This happens in transactions.
How will the old model move to the new QFS?
This is a good question.
A "global currency reset" that resets all currencies to the same face value as all other currencies must be done just before the QFS is activated.
QFS does not adjust for the difference in the present value of currencies, so GCR must be completed when QFS is launched.
All RV and redemption funds will be deposited in QFS as a refund currency upon redemption or exchange.
RV funds are calculated as gold collateral currency using a digital certificate and credited to your QFS account.
This fund will be deposited in the currency of the country in which it will be redeemed.
Keep in mind that this global currency reset means that the world will reset its currencies and move to a whole new world financial system backed by gold . Yes.. It is Gold.
Even if QFS is activated, there is no fanfare or announcement.
Those who know that QFS has been launched are the financial industry, intelligence agencies, cashiers and exchangers, but to "tell" the general public that QFS has been launched and is fully functional. Will be almost nonexistent.
Banks enter their transitional periods, losing their major sources of income, insolvency, and going to the trustees. However, the Alliance wants to make this as seamless as possible. White hats within the banking system will participate in this transition effort to continue the functioning of the bank and serve its customers with personal access to QFS. This happens at the same time that the financial services industry takes over the overhead and payroll payments to maintain banking services. Of course, customers may ask why their accounts don't have overdraft fees, but Teller can say, "I won't do that anymore."
When QFS is enabled, there will be no fees for financial services. No mortgage fees, no theft by bankers, no delays in remittances, and simple inter-account transfer led by the parties. This does not require a third party CIPS or SWIFT system. All transfers are made within QFS by individual account holders and do not need to be done by anyone on their behalf.
Without being charged bank fees like they used to, customers just smile and ask, "How will this bank make money? That's the question in many customers' minds. I feel the end of the era when I was doing financial operations to make money. QFS is free, safe and as fast as light.
The new financial services industry will once again take over the financial requirements of banks, but it's free. The large Zim Holders / Zim Benefactor buys bank assets and establishes this new financial services industry called the Financial Services Center. They use the current bank building and its branches for the center. This is a great way to spend a significant portion of your humanitarian funds.
Filipinos, will take part in this transition. Greatness and Abundance for all Filipinos who have their PHILSYS NATIONAL ID.
You were simply answered by your Local Government Units that your IDs linked to the Landank of the Philippines will be used by the Philippine government to distribute small cash assistance to all citizens. Next time you wake up to the reality that all FILIPINOS are being redeemed from the slavery of the centuries-old cabal banking system. The next President who will be seated is mandated to distribute the funds to every Filipino deserving a decent life and the freedom to be a sovereign being.