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Academia Philharmonicorum (1701)
Towards the end of 1701, a group of like-minded men gathered at the home of patrician Janez Bertold von Höffer and decided to establish the Ljubljana Academia Philharmonicorum, following the model of similar societies in nearby Italy. Its duties and mission were described in the Statutes of the Phil
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The Philharmonic society (1794)
On the territory of present day Slovenia, and particularly within the circle of intellectuals that formed around Baron Žiga Zois, the period of the Enlightenment gave a new impetus to literature and science, and musical life was not overlooked. During this period, the “Philharmonische Gesellschaft”
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The inter-war years and the Second World War (1908-1913)
The end of the First World War marked the beginning of a national state for the Slovenian nation: the state of Slovenians, Croatians and Serbs (SHS), or Yugoslavia. However, a large part of Slovenian ethnic territory remained outside its borders. Soon after the end of the War, the Philharmonic Socie
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The new Slovenian Philharmonic (1947)
After the War was won in 1945, the situation changed in the field of music. New cultural institutions necessary for the preservations of a nation’s identity appeared, including musical ones.Thus in 1947, the decision was made to found a new Slovene Philharmonic. Among its initiators were the compose
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The Slovenian Philharmonic is entering the new era with large-scale plans and ambitious ideas. The old building on Kongresni trg, the traditional symbol of the persistent striving for a high musical culture in Slovenia, the building which continues to remind generations of Slovenian music lovers of
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The Slovenian Philharmonic Building
The site of today’s beautiful Slovenian Philharmonic building was for decades dominated by the old “Stanovsko” - the State Theatre. The Stanovsko Theatre had a strong German orientation and most of its actors were of German origin. The best seats and boxes were in the permanent possession of Ljublja
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