APOD Technologies ou. & Studio Moderna, defrauded also 40 year family business, 4th letter

OddajAleks Mokrovic, dne 2019-09-01 ob 21:23:24

Estimated President of the EU, Honorable Madam Ursula van der Leyen,

Estimated Mr. Bjoern Seibert and Estimated Marilena Zammit,

Now we are even more. APOD Technologies has also Not paid the services of Mr. Robert Klun, an architect from Ljubljana, who has designed their product. He did not received a contractual amount and percentage of company holdings, as agreed. He filled the police notification in Slovenia. This is one more family business defrauded by APOD and investor Studio Moderna.

We will go together against APOD, Studio Moderna and all the persons behind the fraud, if our claims will not be settled. Against existing civil law suits of its lawyers.

Please stop that criminal activity of lawyer Mr.Samo Logar appointed by Mr.Sandi Češko (please see my lawsuit and his e-mails with instructions) against myself. And please stop financing all Studio Moderna companies, that are paying those civil suits against all of us defrauded individual persons, many of us in difficult position! Stop financing Mrs Tina Osojnik and her company! Until they do not settle the money they have taken - against the laws, to us.

I would also be grateful if you could send a letter by registered post or an email to the directors of APOD Technologies Mr. Grega Mrgole (INFO@AIR-POD.IO), Ms Tina Osojnik (TINA@osojnik.eu) and Mr.Jovica Petković (zlatko@srebro-zlato.com) and Mr.Sandi Češko (sandi.cesko@studio-moderna.com), a very important investor in the company, demanding that they settle their obligations to me and to us all.

Once again, I believe this is very important - I have worked and substantially helped in creation of a big company in the region - Terme Čatež - basically from bankruptcy, together with my father. Most of our lives. The company was just 0.6% owned by us at that time. By excellent EBITDA of the size of 1/3 of annual revenues. We have never done that! We, the group and all of our subsidiaries and affiliates has never! defaulted on any payment. Our decisions were ours, although sometimes bad, they where respected and paid for. We have never sent subsidiary or affiliate in bankruptcy and not repaid other companies and especially not personal claims of individual persons!

This is important when you want to be in the market in long term! All other is theft. Studio Moderna and Mr. Sandi Češko are beneficial owners of the APOD (although not officially and legally notified). Mr. Sandi Češko as person of perceived respect should repay the complete faill of its project which was at the end financed by individuals that have no idea what is happening. The total sum of all frauds of APOD to us is marginal amount and Studio Moderna should pay it, if they have intention to stay on the market as respectable company.

This model was also used in Russia, before Mr.Putin become president. The model was brought to the end at its governance. I am very surprised, that EU with EBRD is supporting such model of offshore countries such as Estonia and Lithuania and others. Model where free funds from EU, EBRD and banks are used by parent company and subsidiaries or affiliates are thrown to bankruptcy at some point. APOD maybe still have idea to defraud some more savers with its Canada or USA or Germany listing of shares (https://air-pod.io/pre-ipo
), after complete fiasco with its APOD$ token (https://www.livecoin.net/en/trading/APOD_BTC)...till lawyers can hold the dam...

How can EU tolerate
 this to individual person, savers. How can APOD, a Studio Moderna subsidiary still holds heralds and symbols of EU Commission, as Partners (https://air-pod.io). Model where prosecutors and police do not move and where journalists should not write about big companies such as Studio Moderna.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you within 10 working days as of the date of this letter. I understand that this information herein presents serious ramifications and that others will need to be informed, which takes time.

Yours faithfully,

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Aleks Mokrovic
Aleks Mokrovic
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