EU and EBRD supporting fraudulent lawyers, Mrs. Tina Osojnik, Legal Boutique, APOD Technologies?, 3.letter

OddajAleks Mokrovic, dne 2019-08-20 ob 21:55:29
Estimated President of the EU, Honorable Madam Ursula van der Leyen,
Estimated Mr. Bjoern Seibert and Estimated Marilena Zammit,
Why are you supporting companies that take your EU Commission funds and invest them to persons and companies of Mrs. Tina Osojnik, director of  legal, of APOD Technologies (all that remarks with APOD were already removed, also her name on the main persons team was removed !). The company that together with cooperation of SvetPlemenitihKovin and also with cooperation of Studio Moderna (with initiation of legal suit) have taken from its clients and suppliers more than 60.000 EUR.
Why do you EU Commission supports her company -
Why EBRD Bank is supporting Mrs. Tina Osojnik and her company? The EBRD has stopped all communication with myself, after my first letter to them. They do not want to listen the truth about Mrs. Tina Osojnik. Despite the fact that EBRD's Mr.Rohan Schaap in his mail on April 30, 2019 is saying that Mrs. Tina Osojnik is not a Mentor of EBRD and her CV is therefore lie in that part. (more in my lawsuit).
Mr. Chairman of EBRD, Estimated Suma Chakrabarti and Mr. Director of EBRD, Estimated Anthony Williams do not want to acknowledge that and do not want to know about frauds of Mrs. Tina Osojnik and group of companies around Studio Moderna, that are fully supported by lawyers appointed by Mr. Sandi Češko. Estimated Sirs can not be reached any more.
Even representatives of Slovenia in the EBRD - Governor of EBRD Mr. Andrej Bertoncelj, EBRD Alternate Governor, Mr Andrej Kavčič and also EBRD Board Alternate Director Mr. Milan Martin Cvikl. Although they knew, they were advised, and asked for help, they did nothing about that.
All those companies: Donit d.d. (, ShelfAi (, Gemmotors (, Visionspace (, GoatStory (, EKWB ( and many others use that fraudulent consultant/lawyer Mrs. Tina Osojnik and distribute EU Commission funds to her and her company. 
She is also holding classes at IAM Visoka šola za multimedije (, that is financed by Slovenia and from different funds of EU Commission. And she is also mentoring at Tehnološki Park Ljubljana ( again substantially financed by EU Commission and Municipality of Ljubljana.
Why you do that? Why OLAF of EU can not see a breach of contract of persons and breach of budget of EU? Criminal directors are well paid for their fraudulent advices.
Please stop that criminal activity and stop financing all Studio Moderna companies! Stop financing Mrs. Tina Osojnik and her company! Until they do not settle the money they have taken - against the laws, to us.
I would also be grateful if you could send a letter by registered post or an email to the directors of APOD Technologies Mr. Grega Mrgole (INFO@AIR-POD.IO), Ms. Tina Osojnik ( and Mr. Jovica Petković ( and Mr.Sandi Češko (, a very important investor in the company, demanding that they settle their obligations to me and to us all.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you within 10 working days as of the date of this letter. I understand that this information herein presents serious ramifications and that others will need to be informed, which takes time.
Yours faithfully,
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Aleks Mokrovic
Aleks Mokrovic
Objavil/a 2019-08-20 21:55:29 (Aug 20, 2019)
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